PARM Vis Celebrates 1st Filipino Physiatry Day in Bacolod

Rommel MEA Bugho, MD

The Philippine Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine Visayas Chapter held its 33rd Scientific Meeting in the City of Smiles last October 13 and 14, 2018. The meeting coincided with the celebration of Word Physiatry Day and the 1st Filipino Physiatry Day with the theme “Physiatry Across All Ages”.

The program was held at Silay City Civic Center with close to 500 health workers from within Negros Occidental were in attendance. The program consisted of 3 lectures. Dr. Andrew Sanchez discussed “What is a Physiatrist?”; Dr. Filipinas Ganchoon presented a workshop demonstration on back pain management and exercises; and Dr. Rommel Bugho focused on Stroke Awareness.

A lunch symposium on Neuropathies was conducted at the Bar 21 Restaurant succeeded in the evening by a dinner symposium at the Sugarland Hotel, with neurologist Dr. Michelli Yusay as speaker for both symposia, and Hi Eisai Pharmaceuticals as corporate partner. The business meeting followed wherein Dr. Jaymee Antonella Flores, from the UP-PGH now practicing in Cebu City was inducted as a new member. Further, PARM Vis explored the beautiful island of Lakawon off the cost of Cadiz City in Negros Occidental, with its white sand instagramable beach. The scientific, fellowship and business meeting was organized by PARM Vis Bacolodnon physiatrists, with Dr. Filipinas Ganchoon as chair and Drs. Manuel Gayoles, Jr., Andrew Sanchez and Winlyn Palumar as members

For this year, PARM Visayas will hold its 34th Scientific Meeting in Tagbilaran City, Bohol on April 6, 2019 and 35th Scientific Meeting in Iloilo City on October, 2019. We are looking forward to a great and exciting year for PARM Visayas. Viva PARM Vis!